It's All About Mindset!

Originally shared in A Daily Dose Of Leadership on July 14, 2020.

If you want it done right, you better do it yourself!

Ever feel that way? Of course you have! Be honest, when was the last time you actually said that out loud with a sarcastic tone when someone dropped the ball in one way or another? Not only was the task not completed just exactly like we had shown them, it took them far longer than it would have taken us and now we still have to circle back to take care of it ourselves… UGH!!!

Anyone who’s moved from being a high performing individual contributor into a role where they have responsibility for overseeing a team of people, regardless of the industry or their specific job title, has undoubtedly felt this way more than a few times! While it’s fairly natural, and typically considered normal, it’s absolutely not necessary…

In his most recent book, The Infinite Game, Simon Sinek said that “leaders are not responsible for results....

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The Beginning of ALL Great Achievement!

Over the last several blogs, we took a relatively hard look at several of the things that are causing the fear so many folks are experiencing right now. And one thing is certain: That fear is very real AND it’s building!

As I recently read the lines that follow, it seemed to be an incredibly accurate account of what we’re seeing unfold on a daily basis:

“The whole world is undergoing a change of such stupendous proportions that millions of people have become panic-stricken with worry, doubt, indecision, and fear! It seems to me that now is a splendid time for those who have come to the cross-roads of doubt to endeavor to become acquainted with their ‘other selves.’ All who wish to do so will find it helpful if they take a lesson from nature. Observation will show that the eternal stars shine nightly in their accustomed places, that the sun continues to send down its rays of warmth, causing Mother Earth to yield an over-abundance of food and...

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The Last Factor in “Your Personal Success Equation”

Henry Ford said “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re probably right.”

As Napoleon Hill shares what he believes to be The Beginning of ALL Great Achievement, he says “Whatever a man believes to be true has a way of becoming true.”

So what does he believe to be The Beginning of ALL Great Achievement? (I left you hanging as I closed the last blog…)

The final section in the chapter just before he begins his “interview with the Devil” shares why he believes that FAITH is the beginning of all great achievement. If you’re at all familiar with the New Testament, you likely have a similar perspective to me in regards to how important faith is in our spiritual life. While I have a pretty firm understanding of the Bible, I’ve never memorized a ton of verses word for word. The one that my great uncle ingrained in me, and I remember to this day, is John 3:16

“For God so love loved the world,...

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Controlled By Outside Circumstances?

As Hill presses forward in his “interview” with the Devil, he’s able to uncover something that may seem overly simple at first glance but truly has the power to help us overcome all of those fears we’ve looked at leading up to this point!

When he forces the Devil to explain his process for assuming more and more control over someone (causing them to drift), Hill receives the following response:

“A drifter is one who permits himself to be influenced and controlled by circumstances outside of his own mind. He would rather let me occupy his mind and do his thinking than go to the trouble of thinking for himself. A drifter accepts whatever life throws in his way without making a protest or putting up a fight.”

What does this have to do with the faith we looked at in the last blog as part of Your Personal Success Equation? EVERYTHING!

Thomas Edison, one of the men Hill studied closely during his years of research leading up to ...

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