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What’s KILLING Your Profitability?

Organizations of all sizes invest significant amounts of time, money, and energy on improving their processes with hopes of becoming more profitable. Sometimes this is based on a goal of becoming best-in-class but sometimes it is just to stay competitive with customers or in attracting talent. All too often though, the things that can have the most immediate impact on profitability (as well as the lives of everyone involved) are overlooked or completely written off because those things are considered to be intangible… What are those things? Those are the skills needed to build an organizational culture that produces world class results and make the best people in your respective industry beg to be part of your team! Those skills tie back to a word that’s frequently misused: leadership…

There’s never a shortage of issues demanding your attention. If you genuinely care about running a profitable company, the investment you make into becoming an effective leader and building a team of solid leaders around you will yield a higher return on investment than any other thing I’ve seen. And that investment alone will play a critical role in driving better results in any other initiative your team puts in place!

We can’t be that person who has a title and believes that automatically makes you the leader. For more than twenty years, I’ve heard John Maxwell say that “Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.” A title may carry authority but that will never yield the results over the long haul that only comes from genuine influence. The challenge is that it can seem harder on any given day. So what we’re doing to here is make a business case like you’ve never seen for why effective leadership can get much better results than you’ll ever get with the because I said so approach…

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Addressing YOUR Profitability Killers...

This digital course (currently available in beta) is designed to ensure you not only understand how the issues identified in What's Killing Your Profitability? are impacting your bottom line but have a strategic plan for taking the necessary steps to reduce and eliminate them!

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What's KILLING Your Profitability? (It ALL Boils Down to Leadership!)

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Rev. Christopher Walker

I just finished reading What's Killing Your Profitability? (It's All About Leadership!). It is exceptionally well written, easy to follow and really carries Wes’s down-to-earth, no nonsense approach to getting things done. Wes has truly produced a useful book that invites people take an introspective look at who they are and why they do what they do. If you're looking to improve your leadership skills and boost your bottom line, "What's Killing Your Profitability?" is a must-read!

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Mary Pavlovskaya

The beauty of "What's Killing Your Profitability" is Wes's ability to break down corporate barriers and push through to the root cause of leadership mistakes that affect profitability. He knows how to drive home the point of what leadership needs to look and act like, not just sound like. This book is a must-read for all leaders - aspiring or current - who can use this opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills and learn how to positively affect that dreaded bottom line. 

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Gil Colman, PE

In "What's Killing Your Profitability," Wes Dove offers a practical approach to enhancing business performance. This book, enriched with real-world examples and actionable steps, is an invaluable resource for anyone aiming to build teams that drive significant results. Over the past few years, applying Wes's principles has tangibly improved my business operations and profitability. I strongly encourage everyone not only to read this insightful book but also to implement its strategies. By doing so, you'll witness real-time improvements in your business's efficiency and bottom line.

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Podcast Appearances Digging Into What's KILLING Your Profitability?

Wes recently joined his friend Brian Brogen on the BUILD YOUR SUCCESS podcast to talk about why he wrote What's KILLING Your Profitability? and what readers can expect from the book. Here are a few shorts from that conversation but you can access the entire thing from your favorite podcast platform!


What's KILLING Your Profitability?

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