Clear Instructions to Finish What They Started

accountability authentic leadership candid conversation communication disc effective communication exceeding expectations leadership management model of human behavior supervision team building teamwork Nov 28, 2020

As we look at this group that represents the final 25% of our equation, it’s unlikely that quality will be the issue. The folks with this Reserved and Task-Oriented behavioral style are very CONSCIENTIOUS about performing everything they do with accuracy and precision. The work that they do nearly always follows a very organized process.

That said, their CAUTIOUS approach can sometimes cause them to put too much time into an amount of detail that may not be necessary. Where the DRIVEN folks we looked at as we started this process are more likely to charge forward toward the finish line without bothering to read the instructions (yep, that’s me…), our CONTEMPLATIVE team members tend to process all the information they can get their hands on before moving forward…

Regardless of the issue we need to address with someone who’s primary style is more CAREFUL, we should be prepared to provide them with very clear instructions on what needs to be done in order to truly exceed the expectations of the customer they’re serving. This group is extremely COMPETENT, often some of the smartest people we’ll deal with, but there are times when they can get bogged down with CALCULATING their next step rather than just taking it. 

In times of high stress, this group can come across as being very COLD. They may even experience a level of fear if they lack the CLARITY they need to deliver on exactly what’s expected of them. When we have to have one of those candid conversations with them, we can serve them best by providing them with a very detailed process that will allow them to complete the task correctly.

As with each of the other primary styles we’ve looked at to this point, we should also recognize the real value they contribute. We can almost always count on these team members to provide extreme attention to detail and a high desire to deliver the best quality possible. Showing that we recognize and appreciate this, even when adjustments are necessary, will help pave the way for any changes we need from them moving forward.

The key we each need to keep in mind with any conversation where we’re providing that “alliance feedback” Jeff Henderson suggested is that no one is just one of these four primary behavioral styles; we each have our own unique blend! And believe it or not, the style we have the least of can make just as much difference in our approach as our primary style. The tips I’ve shared over the last few days should certainly help in preparing for a candid conversation, but understanding our team members’ complete behavioral style blend can make an even bigger difference! In addition to the 25% off & free shipping I offered on a signed copy of Discover Your Team’s Potential, the scientifically validated assessments we use with so many teams already provide incredible value. If you’ve never completed one for yourself, that could be a great starting point! Then it may be worth reaching out to chat about how we can help you build this into your entire culture...