WHEN a Mistake is Made, How Do You Handle It?

Know this: I was VERY intentional about the title of this message! I’ve often heard that there are only two certainties in life; death and taxes. Not true!!! We can easily add a third certainty to that list by simply admitting that we’re all going to make mistakes, and the vast majority of us will likely make at least one yet today… If someone suggests otherwise, they’d probably lie about other things too!

Before we take a look at a recent example of why it’s so much easier to accept responsibility for mistakes and move on than to make excuses justifying the mistake, please allow me to call your attention to the FIRST EVER live virtual LIVE2LEAD:Harrisonburg experience on Friday, October 9! In addition to the live content from John Maxwell, Kat Cole, Steve Harvey, Alan Mulally, and Craig Groeschel during the event you’ll get to circle back to all this for 72 hours following the event! You’ll also get access to bonus content from each of the...

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