The Cost of Miscommunication

Developing a strong culture within your organization that focuses on effective communication, really being able to connect with each person you interact with, isn't some touchy-feely fad... Poor communication has an immediate impact on your company's bottom line!

A full 86% of employees and executives surveyed by cited a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. Further, an SIS International Research study showed the cumulative cost per year due to productivity losses resulting from communication barriers at more than $26,000 per employee. Not only that, the same study found that a business with 100 employees spends an average downtime of 17 hours a week clarifying communications. Translated into dollars, that’s more than $530,000 a year.

Do the math for how this applies to your organization... Any way you slice it, there are much better ways for using those dollars!

Does poor communication impact employee retention? There's no certainly no shortage of data showing that... And depending on the role, the cost of turnover can often be as much as 300% of the position's salary. Replacing someone in a leadership role could easily cost the organization six figures... And what about the attrition that happens throughout the team as a result of poor communication throughout the organization?

We provide a practical approach to address these issues! By teaching the simple principles and practices based on the science behind the DISC Model of Human Behavior, we're able to teach everyone in an organization how they can apply simple steps that produce tangible results while increasing the overall emotional intelligence of each person that's involved!


How Can Dove Development & Consulting Help Improve Communication in Your Organization?

Listen to what Chris Rollins, DISC Master Trainer, Best-Selling Author, and president of Rollins Performance Group, has to say about what Wes and Cindy Dove can do for your team!

Is This an Issue You're Facing?

The assessment tools you'll learn more about below are world-class. But even the best assessments have far more value when you understand how to apply the information immediately!

That's what we help individuals and teams do!!!

If you'd like to have a conversation about how we can help you or your team improve communication and make an immediate impact on the issues you're currently experiencing, send us your contact information and we'll be in touch to chat through some ideas!

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How would building a culture of effective communication impact your organization's productivity, performance, and profitability?

Won't Any Assessment Do? Why DISC with Personality Insights?

All approaches and assessment tools are not created equal! Personality Insights is about transformation based on understanding. Wisdom is about applying insights in life, and we are committed to helping you gain insights that will empower you to improve.

Our approach is distinctly positive in orientation, because we're interested in building people to create stronger teams and stronger relationships.

Not only are the assessment options we offer some of the most accurate you'll find anywhere, they're extremely simple to understand and apply, priced to drive real value, and have several additional complimentary tools that can be used to apply the results throughout your organization!

Learn the Benefits of Uncovering Your Strengths

Learn About Your Unique Leadership Style

Learn the Power in Using an InterACTION Guide

Learn How These Tools Can Help in Hiring

What makes a Personality Performance Profile unique from other DISC-based personality profiles?

Personality Performance Profiles are distinguished from other DISC personality profiles available on the market by offering the following important features:

  • You will receive positive, personalized feedback. We want you to be encouraged after you read your report, so the language we use is uplifting and helpful.
  • You will be encouraged in your strengths. You will better understand the value you have on a team and as an individual.
  • Your report will not label you in a simplistic manner. Many reports on the market give feedback based on only the 4 major personality traits. Your profile goes much further by emphasizing your unique BLEND of traits. Our technology is based on 41 specific blends of personality traits. Therefore, you get in-depth feedback while still having the advantage of the easily understood DISC model.
  • You will not be labeled as having particular weaknesses or "blind-spots." No assumptions will be made about areas that you need to grow in. Instead, we identify areas to consider in order to be your best without being critical. This is, perhaps, the most unique aspect of our approach.
  • We offer high value in the quality of the feedback given. We know that there is a wide range of prices available for personality reports in the market. Our approach is to offer reports that are both positive and practical, so we have invested heavily into our report processor system. Our content database is very extensive and has required many years to develop. Thus, our focus has not been to have the lowest price products. Our focus has been to offer the best personality reports with the highest value.

Summary of Adult DISC Versions:

Concise 6-page adult version: Provides essential feedback on your personality style, your strengths and how to be your best. Includes your personality graphs.

Standard 30-page adult version: Adds expanded feedback on motivational drives and ways to communicate better. Includes enhanced descriptions, your communication style, your behavioral style, your decision-making style, leadership insights, tips for growth, guides to interact with others and expanded details of your DISC personality graphs.

Extended 50-page adult version: Adds more visual charts and guides to relating to others in more productive ways. Adds stress potential graphs and more insights on the major personality styles.

Direct Sales 50-page adult version: Very similar to the extended version, but tailored for sales by covering the topic of contacting others.

Leadership 65-page adult version: The feedback in this report is geared towards leaders who want a simple model that fits perfectly with DISC. It includes a description of the leadership model as well as leadership guides to work with each of the 4 main personality styles.

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Feature Comparison Chart for Adult DISC Versions: