A Solid Understanding of the Mission Ahead

“Delivering customer satisfaction with empowered employees using continuous improvement to get it right the first time, every time.”

As opposed to the one I shared in the last post, this statement is relatively clear and to the point. For that matter, it’s even fairly simple to understand and isn’t riddled with ambiguity, like value differentiated… On that note, I’d welcome your feedback on how to explain that to an employee to get buy-in… All I can picture when I hear those words is Homer Simpson scratching his head!

While the statement I referenced above is significantly more concise, and far easier to understand, I still don’t think it can stand completely on its own. I also think it’s laden with buzz words with hopes of sounding catchy…

The power in a concise statement like this really comes in how we, as leaders in our respective organizations, provide extreme clarity around each point listed within. What are the odds that every team member will have a real understanding of how the work they’re responsible for on a daily basis contributes to “delivering customer satisfaction”? To that point, can they really picture what customer satisfaction even looks like? Can we???

Of course any organization wants to deliver customer satisfaction, but being able to define what that looks like for the specific customers we serve can vary greatly from one company to the next! And detailing how any given employee within our team contributes to that customer satisfaction will likely require some very intentional conversation!

There are three more catchphrases in that short statement that need clarification if we want more than just memorization. The idea of empowered employees sounds simple but I’ll devote the bulk of the next post to detailing how we can make it a reality rather than words that fill the frame. And while we all want to deliver the best possible quality in everything we provide to our customer, the ideas of continuous improvement and get it right the first time, every time seem more than a little contradictory to me. We’ll look at that soon too…

For now though, I want to give you a sneak-peak at a complimentary webinar series Cindy and I will be launching in January. While the lessons we provide in those webinars will promote some of our fee-based digital courses that have been approved for various types of continuing education credits, it will also tie in with the new Intentional Action For Ongoing Growth digital community we’ll be opening up at no cost within the next month or so… Stay tuned for more info!


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