Keep Making Your Decision EVERY Day!

15 invaluable laws of growth; consistency dedication discipline distractions leadership leadership development productivity progress self discipline work ethic Jan 14, 2021

In our microwave society, the majority of the messaging that seems to come at us on a daily basis whirls around the ideas of bigger, faster, and stronger… Before I go on, please understand just how much those messages resonate with my HIGHLY DRIVEN approach to everything I see, touch, do, and even consider! That said, a healthy portion of reality like I choked down when I tried running that mile can often help us keep things in the proper perspective.

Once we can come to terms with ourselves and accept that we’ll rarely accomplish anything significant right off the bat, then we develop dogged consistency with the action steps we can actually follow through on moving forward, we should have a solid foundation in place to build from. But as I mentioned in the last post, thinking there won’t be times where we land in the ditch on one side of the path or the other is just as unrealistic as me thinking I could walk out on that track and magically run a full mile at a fairly quick pace. The key to keep in mind when we find ourselves in a ditch, and off track from even our best intentions, is to get back on the path as quickly as possible so we can keep moving forward - even if that means calling someone to hook their chain to us and pull us out…

Whether it’s an actual New Year’s resolution or something at any point in the year spurs us to begin working toward something we want to achieve, making a decision to get moving is a good start - but that one decision won’t likely see us through to the end!

Last time, I bragged on myself a little regarding my overwhelming consistency in supplementing our gym visits with 20 minutes of absolute torture on our elliptical machine. Then I confessed that I had indeed allowed a busy schedule last week to break my routine and I ended up in one of those proverbial ditches. As a quick side note, I’d suggest that going head over heels toward a new goal and dropping the ball on our other responsibilities are just as bad - if not worse. All said, missing (read: skipping) a few days on that damn elliptical machine was actually amazing! But not the kind of amazing that was any help whatsoever in fending off the fatness, and I did have a pizza over the weekend…

Regardless of how long we’re in the ditch, or even how much we actually enjoy it when we’re there, it’s critical to keep our reason for starting down the path in the first place clearly in mind. Making the decision to begin is good, but the key is really in making that same decision every single day after that and backing it with the necessary action so we can continue building momentum!

Consistency, a daily decision to stay committed, and action! But not just any old action will do… Just driving fast doesn’t mean we’re headed in the right direction. We’ll dive into the type of action next time! Until then, and just in case you haven’t had the chance to secure your spot for Friday’s complimentary webinar, here’s the link you’ll need.