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Navigating Leadership Roadblocks: Critical Steps to an Effective Leadership Transition

Hosted by Dove Development & Consulting, approved continuing education provider for the SHRMHRCI, and NAB/NCERS, with more than 40 years of experience in training people to lead more effectively.


Learn These Critical Steps for an Effective Leadership Transition

With each step forward in our leadership journey, there’s potential to be stopped in tracks as we run into various roadblocks to leading our teams effectively. As we gain more and more leadership responsibility, we tend to rely less on our technical skills, our ability to supervise a process, or our training on how to manage specific metrics. This is where developing and strengthening specific leadership skills can make a tremendous impact on the results of our team as well as the entire organization.

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Managing Isn't Leading

Learn what separates an effective manager from a great leader, and how YOU can be both!

Communication Matters!

This is almost always the most overlooked skill in any organization, and it makes a huge impact on the culture!

Do You Have a Plan?

They say wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone! Are you being strategic about your growth?


Need Continuing Education Credit?

Dove Development & Consulting is an Approved Provider for Continuing Education Credits through the Human Resource Certification Institute, the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards, and the Society for Human Resource Management. Navigating Leadership Roadblocks has been approved for continuing education credit by each entity.


What Do You Have To Lose?

The cost of turnover can often be as much as 300% of the position's salary. Replacing someone in a leadership role could easily cost the organization six figures... And what about the attrition that happens throughout the team as a result of any deficiencies in leadership? How does this impact the service that each customer or client receives?

In this one-hour lesson, we will identify some of the most common roadblocks leaders encounter as they transition from one role to another AND we provide practical action steps any leader can take to navigate these roadblocks!

Nearly 50 Years of Proven Experience!

By providing practical tools for immediate implementation, Wes & Cindy Dove help teams overcome some of the biggest roadblocks preventing their clients from achieving peak performance and profitability in their workplace.

Learn 3 Key Steps You Can Apply To Navigate Leadership Roadblocks!

Recognizing these roadblocks will help you develop and strengthen the leadership skills you'll need to make a tremendous impact on the team you lead and your entire organization.


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