Extra Energy and Excitement

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While exceeding expectations with the DRIVEN folks we looked at in the last post will often involve less sizzle and more steak, the next 30% - the INSPIRING ones - may actually enjoy the sizzle! Once we have that clear picture of what they expect, we can go above and beyond with this Fast-Paced and People-Oriented group by being as energetic and entertaining through the process and with the end result we provide.

By making the process fun for them and doing what we can to include their team, we’ll show them that a level of value that can easily be overlooked if we happen to be part of the 70% who don’t share their INTERACTIVE approach. Another thing we can do to really serve them is to provide them with opportunities to be INVOLVED in as much of the process as we possibly can. Showing them that they’re INFLUENCING the outcome will show our desire to IMPRESS them.

These customers, clients, or friends will typically be quick to share lots of ideas and feelings about what they’re hoping for. Although we need to show that we value their input, we can’t lose sight of the possibility that taking action on all of the input they offer may not be possible. Folks with this primary style tend to be very INFLUENCING but can come up with far more ideas than could ever fit in the time frame allotted. While they’re genuinely interested in significant outcomes, they can be somewhat ILLOGICAL with regards to what can be accomplished with the resources that are available.

As we prepare to deliver the final product, we may also consider ways we can build in a surprise or two. If we really want to exceed their expectations, we might even think into how we can be sure they receive positive recognition for the IMPRESSION they had on the end result.

The common thread between these first two primary styles, which only account for around 40% of everyone we could deal with on any given day, is the Outgoing and Fast-paced approach to nearly everything they do. Whether it’s by DIRECTLY taking charge of almost anything within arms reach or by getting the team together to INSPIRE them around a common cause, neither style will be slow to act or shy away from attention. The next two styles will require us to tone it down a bit as we work to exceed their expectations. And understanding the difference is critical since they make up the majority of the population...