When I Did This, Everything Changed

It was a bit shocking to learn 95% of all people never take action on their intentions. And many of the remaining 5% that do take action, never take action on the things that will get them the results they're after!  I remember soberly thinking, that is nearly everyone.  Wait a minute...that is me!  There were plenty of things I was not taking action on that I knew would move me forward in life.  I was the person holding me back. 

When I (Cindy) learned there were simple step’s I could take to bridge the gap from good intentions to taking intentional action, my results started changing.  When I learned to identify the right actions to take that would give me the results I was after…I started seeing faster growth in areas that not only helped me accomplish my goals but first increased my awareness which grew me personally and professionally in the process.  When your awareness increases you grow in many ways! 

Remember the stat I gave you earlier?  That 95% of all people have good intentions but are never successful or at least not at the level they would like.  Before I learned to take very intentional action, I had good intentions but I would say things like “someday I’d like to have more time with my family, someday I’d like to own my own business, someday I’d like to work in my jeans… a lot!!”  I had good intentions, but I was not intentional in the areas that would get me there.  I have been working since I was 14 years old and have always had a great work ethic.  (There really wasn’t a choice but more on that at another time.) I was working hard, I was working a lot of hours, I was doing a great job and my results showed it.  But, until I changed direction around 2014 to add intentional action on the right things to my life and create habits that bridged the gap in my success, those dreams I mentioned weren’t going to happen.


While I have a long way to go and a pretty massive list of things I plan to accomplish and help others accomplish, the ‘somedays’ I mentioned have become a reality through applying intentional action to the right things AND partnering with the right individuals, organizations and mentors.  Starting with my partner for life and wonderful husband, Wes!

When you become intentional you take responsibility for where you are and who you are.  And you take action to change you.  You obtain growth, development, training, and mentorship in the right areas. 

 The following 5 steps adapted from the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth worked for me and continue to.  They’ll work for you too! 

  1. Grow You – We cannot give what we do not have
  1. Plan Your Action Steps – You have to be growth oriented
  1. Commit To Taking Action – Commit to you and others counting on you
  2. Manage Your Decisions Daily – Every day do what you say you’re going to do
  3. Get Up! - We all fall off the wagon– Get up faster than anyone else!

Whether you’re leading yourself or you’re leading yourself and others...leaders gain influence by taking action.  Each of our courses will help you move forward through developing you, increased awareness, and identifying the right action to take. If you would like to be in a community of growth-oriented individuals committed to taking Intentional Action For Ongoing Growth, feel free to join our Facebook community and study of growth, action, and success principles.  You’ll be glad you did!



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