When I Did This, Everything Changed

It was a bit shocking to learn 95% of all people never take action on their intentions. And many of the remaining 5% that do take action, never take action on the things that will get them the results they're after!  I remember soberly thinking, that is nearly everyone.  Wait a minute...that is me!  There were plenty of things I was not taking action on that I knew would move me forward in life.  I was the person holding me back. 

When I (Cindy) learned there were simple step’s I could take to bridge the gap from good intentions to taking intentional action, my results started changing.  When I learned to identify the right actions to take that would give me the results I was after…I started seeing faster growth in areas that not only helped me accomplish my goals but first increased my awareness which grew me personally and professionally in the process.  When your awareness increases you grow in many ways! 

Remember the stat I...

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Do Better or Become Better?

Originally shared in A Daily Dose Of Leadership on August 21, 2020.

If we’re focused on winning a finite game, our objective will most likely be to do the absolute best we can within the given time frame so our results are better than whoever we’re competing against. And let me be VERY clear here: I love to win! My DRIVEN approach to life can turn nearly everything into a race. (You’re welcome to verify that with Cindy if necessary…)

But being able to differentiate which things require that finite approach where we’re competing to win from the things that are truly more infinite can make a world of difference in what we achieve over the course of time!

In his recent book LeaderSHIFT, John Maxwell shares a story of what changed how he approached his role in ministry and how that shift impacted the results he was able to achieve in every other area of his life from that point forward. I won’t hash out the entire story, you should really read the...

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A CheckPoint or the Finish Line?

Originally shared in A Daily Dose Of Leadership on August 14, 2020.

Have you heard stories of people dying soon after they retire? In many cases, that seems to serve as motivation for considering early retirement and enjoying the time we have left. But according to a study I read recently on WebMD, folks who retire at 55 are 89% more likely to die in the ten years following their retirement than their counterparts who retire at 65… Well that stinks!

What about the statistics regarding how many people stop learning once they’ve completed the formal education? Now I’m certainly not one who just loves to read, but these numbers are absolutely shocking! According to a 2003 study by The Jenkins Group, “one-third of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives.” That study goes on to show that “42% of college graduates never read another book after college.” While I’m not suggesting that learning can only happen...

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Win, Lose, or Grow?

Originally shared in A Daily Dose Of Leadership on August 13, 2020.

Following the theme we’ve followed over the last few days, I’m going to challenge you with a question right out of the gate: WHAT do you think or feel when someone in a similar role or field as you’re in succeeds? Are you excited for them? Is there any sense of jealousy? Do you view it as them beating you or getting ahead of you?

Let me be very transparent here; this is something I’ve struggled with at times. And quite honest, there’s a lot of systems in place throughout society to reinforce a competitive sense in us when we see someone we view as a competitor doing well. The traditional thought process is that when they do well or gain market share, then we inherently must be doing poorly and losing market share.

Are your toes OK so far? This may be stepping on them a bit but that’s not my goal!

In The Infinite Game, Simon Sinek gives a number of examples of how many businesses...

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