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In creating a lesson for our Leading at the Next Level courses around the Law of the Rubberband, I’m reminded more every day on the benefits of stretching ourselves in order to grow.  This law says, “growth stops when you lose the tension between where you are and where you want to be.” There are the basic benefits from our own experiences in life but it’s not until we pause to consider how the stretches we have made in life changed our trajectory; that we are able to see the full scope of their impact.

If you have taught, trained, or spoken on a topic or engaged in a deep dive for another reason; you may be like me and realize how much deeper you learn when you need to research, compile, and articulate the information.  And not just the information, but the best parts of the information in a way that is interesting and relevant to your audience or learning.  And be sure to add your own experiences which allows your message to resonate at a...

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The Secret to Consistently Moving Forward

In James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh he shares, “People are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.” 

When this quote comes to mind, entire periods of my life do as well because these are times I (Cindy) chose to remain bound.  In my defense, I had not yet learned about personal growth but I certainly knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I also knew I was choosing to maintain in life rather than get far enough out of my comfort zone to create the change needed.  

Suddenly, a life event threw me out of my comfort zone - like overnight. Not long after, I learned about personal growth and everything started changing for the better. Before I learned about personal growth and started applying growth principles to my life, I was filled with ambition without guidance and worse yet, without the willingness to get out of my comfort zone where all my dreams and goals were!  This...

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Managing Bad Experiences

We have all been through painful experiences and will go through more. They seem to be an inevitable part of life but also offer some of our best opportunities to learn. The question is not will we go through painful experiences but will we grow through them.

Since the Law of Pain tells us, Good Management of Bad Experiences Leads to Great Growth, let’s ask ourselves the question: How are you choosing to grow through a bad experience? It’s also important to know where we have fallen short during a bad experience so we can determine to grow and be a better version of ourselves moving forward.

At times the only good that comes from a painful experience is GROWTH. And depending on the pain, sometimes that growth is in just getting up off the floor. Standing again. I (Cindy) have been there and not just once! Standing again. Eventually gaining strength to start moving even if you can't see the way. And the courage to believe in and take action towards a better future.


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How Well Is Your System Working?

I remember learning the Law of Design which says, to maximize growth, develop strategies.  What a relief… I had strategies!  At the time, I had a system that allowed me to get two young children up each morning, safely delivered to school or childcare, as a single Mom and even get some form of exercise before they woke.  Granted, this was on days when no one was sick, had a bad night, or mornings when I faced a child who was attempting to be in charge of the house… and everything else for that matter. 

Life felt more like survival than a sense of thriving but at least I had a system, right?!  I didn’t say it was always pretty but it was always attempted and helped us have structure even on the tough days.  It wasn’t until I delegated responsibility to my children that we were able to create good habits and have a smoother transition each morning, not to mention more fun together!

The truth is…we all have a system. ...

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How to Instantly Have a Better Day

Intentional action in the direction of your dream will change the way you think and change the way you feel. It will change everything and you will never be the same again. Make today a forward movement in the direction you want to go! It doesn't take a lot although what you give is up to you but it does take the discipline to be intentional and consistent.

Here's a powerful quote by James Allen (also found in Proverbs) that helps me (Cindy) check my mindset and what I'm thinking about.

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." - James Allen

And prompts me to ask myself specific questions like these:

Is my thinking serving me well?

Is this taking me in a positive direction?

Is this what I want?

Am I allowing the Law of Diminishing Intent to creep in?  In case you are not familiar, the Law of Diminishing Intent says, the longer we delay doing something, the less likely we are to do it.

This is all about the creeps!  What are you allowing yourself to think about? ...

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When I Did This, Everything Changed

It was a bit shocking to learn 95% of all people never take action on their intentions. And many of the remaining 5% that do take action, never take action on the things that will get them the results they're after!  I remember soberly thinking, that is nearly everyone.  Wait a minute...that is me!  There were plenty of things I was not taking action on that I knew would move me forward in life.  I was the person holding me back. 

When I (Cindy) learned there were simple step’s I could take to bridge the gap from good intentions to taking intentional action, my results started changing.  When I learned to identify the right actions to take that would give me the results I was after…I started seeing faster growth in areas that not only helped me accomplish my goals but first increased my awareness which grew me personally and professionally in the process.  When your awareness increases you grow in many ways! 

Remember the stat I...

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