Why Shared Values Matter

employeeretention leadership leadershipculture organizational culture and values profitability retention sharedvalues team values valuesmatter Apr 26, 2023

In looking at turnover rates and profitability of organizations, it's hard to miss the continuing trend towards companies needing and seeking a better culture.  The good news is there’s increased interest in serving well from the values statement we have on our walls.  The bad news is, it’s hard to be the person in a culture not living up to their values statement. 

Because values determine the foundation of your team, this means whatever you hope for your organization, it all starts with what the organization values and how these values are shared with the team, then whether or not these values are demonstrated through the behaviors and actions of your people. If your organization’s values are demonstrated by the team members, the company is delivering on what their values say they deliver.  Who they are and what they do!

However, if the values don’t match the behaviors and actions of the team members - that’s when companies lose their people in the hope of a better culture.

I (Cindy) hope you can catch my next few blogs as I walk through key steps in creating core values, the importance of sharing core values, behaviors that exemplify these values to our customers and each other, and the opportunities that come from living out our organizational values.