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authority ethical influence ethicalleadership ethics leadership leadershipdevelopment servant leadership serving others Oct 04, 2020

During his session as part of the 2019 Live2Lead event, Chris Hogan defined what he called a huge leadership lie. He said “The biggest lie about leadership is that it’s tied to position or title.” Chris went on to paint a very vivid picture of the difference between a good leader and a great leader by suggesting that “a good leader helps you get better at your job but a great leader will change your life!” That statement resonated so much with me that I developed an entire lesson in our Leading At The Next Level program that was based on that idea. Not only is the entire message Chris Hogan shared at last year’s Live2Lead event available as bonus content for everyone who participates in the 2020 LIVE2LEAD:Harrisonburg virtual experience with us on Oct 9, we’re also adding a coupon so each participant can get complimentary access to our new digital course, Build a Reputation as a Servant Leader that includes the lesson I did based on his statement.

As we look at what Chris said, and we think back to what we’ve covered through the last couple of blog posts, how important is having a position or title to being a leader that can change someone’s life? If you’ve read more than just a few of the blog posts in this series, you’ve likely seen me reference one of the first true mentors I ever had. While he was indeed a supervisor in the organization we both worked for, he wasn’t my supervisor and he had no positional authority over me. He did, however, invest his time into providing me with input on things I could do to develop professionally. He was likely the first real example I had seen of true servant leadership!

In thinking about the folks I look to for leadership today, I have absolutely zero responsibility to them. But I have tremendous respect for them because of how they’ve sown into my life! 

Later in that lesson I built around Hogan’s comment, I shared another quote he made during his Live2Lead session; “Leaders carry the weight of the entire team.” While that’s especially significant for someone who does have a position or title, it can be just as applicable for someone who doesn’t!

Here’s something I’ll challenge you to really consider as we wind this down today: Regardless of your current title or position, what opportunities do you have on a daily basis to help carry the weight of the people around you? What can you do that’s not required of you but will add value to the entire team you’re a part of? And who can you provide with a level of support that not only makes them better at their job but may just change their entire life?

In the next blog, we’ll look at a few of the benefits you can expect to see as you begin making these things part of who you are. Until then, don’t miss the chance to get access to Chris Hogan’s 2019 Live2Lead session and the entire Build a Reputation as a Servant Leader course just for reserving your spot as part of this coming Friday’s LIVE2LEAD:Harrisonburg virtual experience!