The Beginning of ALL Great Achievement!

Over the last several blogs, we took a relatively hard look at several of the things that are causing the fear so many folks are experiencing right now. And one thing is certain: That fear is very real AND it’s building!

As I recently read the lines that follow, it seemed to be an incredibly accurate account of what we’re seeing unfold on a daily basis:

“The whole world is undergoing a change of such stupendous proportions that millions of people have become panic-stricken with worry, doubt, indecision, and fear! It seems to me that now is a splendid time for those who have come to the cross-roads of doubt to endeavor to become acquainted with their ‘other selves.’ All who wish to do so will find it helpful if they take a lesson from nature. Observation will show that the eternal stars shine nightly in their accustomed places, that the sun continues to send down its rays of warmth, causing Mother Earth to yield an over-abundance of food and clothing; that the birds of the air and the wild animals of the forest receive their accustomed requirements of food; that useful day follows restful night; that busy summer follows the inactive winter; that the seasons come and go precisely as they did before…”

Truth be told, every bit of this can be said for what we’re experiencing right now! But the four words that immediately followed this may surprise you! I’ll circle back to those shortly…

First, let’s look at what followed those four words:

“in reality, only men’s minds have ceased to function normally, and this, because men have filled their minds with fear.”

As we’ve discussed in those last several blogs, fear is at work in nearly every home in the free world today. Be it from the fear of ill health, the fear of death, the fear of poverty, or a combination of all three, I would struggle to point out anyone I know who hasn’t seen some kind of impact personally over the last few weeks. Those words I shared above are remarkably fitting of the situation we’re all living through.

But the four words Napoleon Hill penned in 1938, the four that immediately followed and go on precisely as they did before, provide so much perspective on how our current situation may not be as unheard of as we thought… Oh, those four words? The seasons come and go precisely as they did before the 1929 depression began

So what is The Beginning of ALL Great Achievement? We’ll look at that in the next blog!


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