Strength vs. Weakness

If you have a good idea of your strength areas and the areas you're not as strong in, you would do good to assess your interest and opportunities. If you'd like to discuss strengths and weaknesses we can do that to!
Knowing yourself isn't necessarily easy for everyone. It can be a process but the more you grow yourself, the more you'll know yourself. This is where many people miss it because they never grow enough to become more aware of themselves.
As we are growing, it's good to start paying attention to our passions.  What are we drawn to and most interested in?  Then we can focus in growth areas that will help us with our passions and areas of interest. As I (Cindy) learned through mentorship with Mark Cole, CEO, The Maxwell Enterprise, most of us will find that growth in the areas of relationships, equipping (us and others), attitude, and leadership are essential to reach our full potential.
Asking quality questions of ourselves is one way to increase awareness and start the process of discovery and growth.  Here’s a few to get you started:
Where do you have opportunities in the area of your strengths?
What is one of your strength areas?
How are you continuing to grow in your strengths?
What is a weaker area you would like to strengthen so it does not keep you from your goals and dreams?
One more question, who can you help by doing the hard work of growing you?  We will often grow for those counting on us more than for ourselves.  Our Intentional Action for Ongoing Growth complementary courses help individuals gain awareness of the areas they most to need grow in order to reach their desired destination.  Take a look here!

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