The Dangers of Inaction

Wes and I just passed the one year mark of being back in the gym taking intentional action to be a healthier and stronger version of ourselves.  And frankly, I’m trying to ward off some of the aging process too!  A consistent routine at the gym was one of our intentional action commitments for 2020 at least 2-3 days each week. 

When the gyms closed down I was blessed to know some excellent coaches who provided virtual workouts, so I didn’t miss a beat.  Having some equipment at home didn't hurt either!  However, there were MANY things I wanted to be doing at 5:30 a.m. (like sleeping) and working out wasn't one of them! But, it was the right action for us to reach the goals and growth we wanted for 2020. 

Unfortunately for me, it took a back injury and other ailments before I made the commitment and took intentional action to create change in my life. I had good intentions toward better health and becoming stronger but I wasn’t consistent enough with my actions to actually be better. 

What about you? Nearly 100% of the time we know what we need to do to reach our goals. The answers are already within us. Bridging the gap from intention to growth is the answer! If we're leading others it's no different...we know what is needed at least overall for the team to grow and the culture to be healthy and growth oriented. Taking the right action for growth today and everyday brings positive change, a new perspective, a new direction, new energy...and many great things.

Not taking action brings the opposite!  It brings negative energy, lack of perspective, little to no direction, and a downward spiral.

If we really see the positive force behind taking the right action...we'll be sure to manifest that in our lives and the lives of those counting on us! One of the passions in my life is to provide personal and professional development resources based on what has helped me grow and impacts others as I share what I learn.  And I want to provide this value at no cost!   

Our Intentional Action for Ongoing Growth -Professional Development Courses are launching now and you are welcome to join us.  Just sign up here and stay tuned for an upcoming digital course designed to help you create and implement your Professional Development Plan for 2021!


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