Why Professional Development?

Why does professional development matter? For your future self? For those counting on you? For all the ways you can add value to others? For tomorrow to be better than today? For an edge in your career pursuits?  Don’t miss the opportunity at the end of this blog to access our complimentary professional development resources and create your own personal & professional development growth plan!

As I (Cindy) caught up with a group of friends we chat with at the gym, one of us asked “who is excited about a new year coming?!” Since we were wrapping up 2020, you can imagine the howls and cheers coming from that simple question! We had some good laughs and shared a few hopes for the New Year, then went about the serious work of strengthening ourselves.

I couldn’t help but think of the strength a simple decision backed with Intentional Action will add to anyone’s life who chooses it. It certainly has added physical strength and increased quality of...

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The Dangers of Inaction

Wes and I just passed the one year mark of being back in the gym taking intentional action to be a healthier and stronger version of ourselves.  And frankly, I’m trying to ward off some of the aging process too!  A consistent routine at the gym was one of our intentional action commitments for 2020 at least 2-3 days each week. 

When the gyms closed down I was blessed to know some excellent coaches who provided virtual workouts, so I didn’t miss a beat.  Having some equipment at home didn't hurt either!  However, there were MANY things I wanted to be doing at 5:30 a.m. (like sleeping) and working out wasn't one of them! But, it was the right action for us to reach the goals and growth we wanted for 2020. 

Unfortunately for me, it took a back injury and other ailments before I made the commitment and took intentional action to create change in my life. I had good intentions toward better health and becoming stronger but I wasn’t...

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