It’s a Choice We’ve All Got to Make!

Abraham Lincoln has been quoted as saying, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” While I’ve also seen him credited for saying things like “You can’t believe all the quotes you read on the internet,” I’ve actually heard that particular quote attributed to him often enough that I think he really did say it… Regardless of whether Honest Abe did or did not say that about being as happy as we make our minds up to be, it holds a lot of weight!

In the article I published on LinkedIn recently, Don’t Wait Until You Get There, I referenced how basically everyone I know could point to at least one crappy situation they’ve had to deal with since Covid took over the world. I won’t hash the whole thing out again here, but I will be building on what I shared there through this and the next several posts. 

Picture this: you’re in your mid 20s, just getting started on your own. You recently...

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Turn the Ripples into Waves!

In closing the last post, I shared a brief warning about the weight of the responsibility that comes with an expanded reach. Since you’ve chosen to read this, I’m going to assume you’re willing to carry that load called leadership… Well done!

So how do we turn those initial ripples into significant waves that make a positive impact on people we may never meet rather than creating an undertow that sucks some of them under and scares everyone else away? That certainly ties back to choosing the harder right over the easier wrong, but making those kinds of decisions are just a starting point!

While choosing that harder right over the easier wrong presents some challenges, it’s really the simplest part of the process - especially once you’ve determined where you’re just not willing to compromise! The tough part often comes when it’s time to back those decisions with action on a daily basis. But even that becomes more routine as...

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