A Complete Picture of Precision and Accuracy

This final primary behavioral/communication style won’t be DEMANDING, they won’t use their INFLUENCE forcefully, and they won’t likely SHY away from tough conversations when something has gone wrong. They will, however, approach the situation with a degree of CAUTION and have a high expectation for us to provide them with the CRITICAL details of how we ended up where we are and how we can work toward resolution!

When the folks who make up the 25% of the world that’s more Reserved and Task-Oriented are in those higher pressure situations, they’re very comfortable with putting the brakes on. Their CONSCIENTIOUS approach to situations will often be slow and methodical. In many cases, those of us who are working with them to resolve the issue may take their lack of expression as being COLD or angry. That’s not always the case! They’re likely just CONTEMPLATING what the most accurate course of action to achieve the perfect end result would...

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