Voices for Leadership: Your Pathway to Becoming a More Influential Leader

author collective leadership experience leadership leadership experts leadership responsibility leadership visionaries voices for leadership Feb 22, 2022

We are excited to announce our very own Wes Dove as a contributing author to the book Voices for Leadership:  Your Pathway to Becoming a More Influential Leader!

A new age has dawned. Prominent leaders, experts, and visionaries are digging deep to examine their shifting roles and responsibility in business, their communities, and society. They have become change-makers, paradigm-shifters, and alchemists. By asking leading questions and sharing our collective experiences, they will empower the generations of new thinkers and an international movement of voices for leadership. 

Read the secrets of success from these 40 leaders and don't miss Wes' chapter!  Reach out to us with your questions or input...we value you.