The Value of a Beginner's Mindset

art of learning beginner leadership leadership learning learn learner mindset self leadership the art of leadership learning Nov 04, 2023

A beginner’s enthusiasm is a wonderful thing. This type of enthusiasm is what brings the energy of wonder, curiosity, and openness that helps us learn and discover. The more we learn, grow, and master, the better we become.  Over time, though, we often forget the beginner’s enthusiasm.  If you find yourself losing sight of the wonder in life, just add in some intentionality and start seeing the wonder in life and take the time to learn from every experience.

It was Socrates that said “wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” 

Curiosity that asks Why? What’s next? Why not? What else?

The beginner’s mindset is filled with questions until it gets an answer.  I’ve seen people ask questions to get your answer, and I’ve seen people ask questions until they get their answer.  There’s asking questions to get an opinion or fact from someone and then there’s asking questions to get our sense of certainty.  Whatever the question, a beginner’s mindset is open to learning.

There’s an excitement to find the right answer, not to justify yesterday’s actions or experience. And not just to be a part of the conversation. They are looking to be enlightened. 

What are you learning right now that needs beginner's enthusiasm in your mindset?  Is there something that needs you to remember the value of the beginner’s mindset?

And remember, that I will become better when I learn this lesson I’m in the middle of right now.

We have a friend right now in a difficult work situation. She is an excellent leader, and she is wise.  She is always reading and growing and hungry to grow herself as a better leader and person.

I know she has much better days ahead because she speaks often of what she is learning in this hard situation and how she can apply what she is learning in this process.  She knows she hasn’t learned every thing from these challenges because she is in the middle of it.  But because she is seeking to learn as each day brings a heavy challenge in this process, she is committed to keep enthusiasm as she seeks to gain knowledge from this time in her career.  Our friend is valuing the process with a beginner’s enthusiasm!

If you are in the middle of a tough situation now, look at it from a beginner’s mindset and know at the end of this process, you’ll be better as you learn the lessons from this experience!