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Personal Productivity Tools

 Last time, we looked at the Systems that Get Results most of us DRIVEN folks need in order to have a solid chance at sticking with them long term. Since they only represent about 10% of the world, let’s press on by looking at what we should consider building into our systems for productivity if we happen to fall in the next 30% that happens to be just as Outgoing but more People-Oriented: the INSPIRING ones…

While this more INTERACTIVE style happens to be the second highest in my overall blend, when I’m operating on cruise control as well as when I’m under stress, it’s dwarfed by the part of me that simply DEMANDS results. That said, the above average amount of this I can display when things are going smoothly gives me a personal level of insight for what we can consider for folks with this as their primary style!

The one thing that tends to put fuel in this groups’ tank is an experience they enjoy - having fun whenever possible! When it comes to creating a system that can be sustained over the long haul and produce significant results, the old Pontiac commercials come to mind: We build excitement! While the last group we looked at is often fine to keep their heads down indefinitely as they push to get more done than any normal person would usually consider, this bunch enjoys being INVOLVED with others while they’re working on a task and they’ll appreciate any IMPRESSIVE recognition that can be included along the way for any milestones that are met. In their case, all work and no play won’t make Jack a dull boy… It may actually make Jack leave the process all together in search of something he actually likes doing!

Almost any system will require a certain amount of detail to ensure results are actually achieved, but too many of those details will wear this bunch out! (That’s where I can really relate!) For that long term sustainability, simple and fun systems that include opportunities for celebration along the way INFLUENCE them to stay the course. And like the last group, a fast pace will tend to keep them dialed into the process.

The remaining 60% of people around us will prefer their systems to be a bit more low key though. We’ll begin working through that next time by looking at the biggest of all four of the groups...