How to Stay Motivated & Disciplined

The Law of Consistency is working in our lives whether we apply it in a positive way or not. Let’s make sure we are taking intentional action toward positive outcomes!  If you are not familiar with what this law says, here it is… Motivation Gets You Going, Discipline Keeps You Growing.

This means we need motivation to get started and discipline to stay the course.  One of the best ways I’ve (Cindy) found to stay motivated and help others do the same is to align our method of motivation to our personality style.  I learned about this idea in the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth and set out to apply it in my own life and share it with others.

It’s really simple in concept AND simple to apply!  For example, if your personality likes to have some fun involved in what you’re doing then you simply need to find ways to motivate yourself by creating fun in what you do.  If it is’re just not motivated!  And that’s okay because that’s how you are wired.

Maybe you’re driven by results and as long as you’re getting results you are motivated to go the course.  Some of us are motivated by precision and value...we are motivated by delivering high-quality in all we do.  Or maybe your personality is to help people and  you are motivated to be a part of something that helps others.  We are all a blend of these personality traits but each of us have a primary tendency that motivates us. The more we are able to stay motivated, the easier it is to stay disciplined!

Maybe you know your personality type and maybe you’re not sure.  Since aligning your methods of motivation with your personality is a tremendous tool, I’ll share the most effective one I’ve found, DISC with Personality Insights, and one we are licensed in here... and you can let me know if you have questions!

Keep in mind, consistency is a muscle to be exercised.  The more you use it the stronger it becomes. As you work to be more consistent, it is important to remember both the immediate and long term outcomes of the effort you put in.  This is where discipline to stay the course will take you to the next level and overcome obstacles you face.  When you apply the Law of Consistency to your own growth, nothing can stop you.  Much like drops of water cut through rock over a period of time, you will move to your desired destination through consistent growth!


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