How Action & Attitude Impact Values

core values core values of the team leadership leadership values shared values of the team team engagement team performance teamvalues values Jul 06, 2023

It’s our privilege and our responsibility as leaders to help our people become better. Holding a high standard to the core values of the organization is a great start.

The first step in turning team values into team performance is holding ourselves and our people accountable to our actions and attitudes, matching team values in everything we do.

After all, team performance comes down to the behaviors demonstrated by the team. Everyone can control their own actions and attitudes.  As a matter of fact, that’s the only thing we truly can control. 

What are the actions of your leaders telling you?

What are the actions of your leaders telling their people?

Now think of the actions and behaviors of your workforce.  What are your people acting out everyday?

If you take the time for a clear-eyed assessment of where you and your team really are, you’ll be able to identify areas the team is really excelling, and identify areas where you need to do better, and areas where the team is failing - or close to it - that have to be addressed or changed right away, then you have an action plan for growth. 

It goes a long way to let our team know all the great things they're doing well too! The values being demonstrated, we should show appreciation for, recognize, and even reward but I (Cindy) will address that soon enough!

As we determine which values are not being demonstrated, these are areas for improvement that can be turned around by holding every team member accountable to uphold the core values of the organization.  This means everyone’s actions and attitudes demonstrate the organization’s core values and everyone wins.