Heart Breaking Defining Moments

defining moments defining moments in leadership development growth heart breaking defining moments leadership leadership choices leadership decisions Feb 22, 2023

Unfortunately, we face heartbreaking moments in our lifetime.  It’s a high likelihood you already have, and I (Cindy) don’t know anyone who has made it through life with just one heartbreak.  These are devastating losses and what we do with them defines our future.

A while back, we met a fantastic guy at the gym.  Ken had lost both legs when the convoy he was in overseas hit a landmine.  By the time he was airlifted to a hospital, the doctors had to amputate one leg right away to save his life and the other had to be amputated a few years later.

Ken has prosthetic legs now and takes away excuses from most of us!  He makes it to the gym far more often than I do, is a professor at a well-known university teaching Political Science, International Law, & Post-Conflict Stability Operations. He travels internationally, is an author, and is the University Director of the Center for International Stabilization, and co-founded the Landmine Survivors Network. 

As if that isn’t enough, what I just referenced are only a few of Ken’s accomplishments since the devastating loss of his legs.  Ken has been through more in a lifetime than most of us can imagine.  He made a decision to continue moving forward in a big way and inspires everyone he touches.  I’m guessing Ken has had many defining moments from this tragedy but I’d say he’s a great example of defining his future and making a positive impact helping others along the way!