IMPACT Leadership Academy

Based on a structure we've used in dozens of organizations, the IMPACT Leadership Academy is designed to help a group of individuals take immediate & proven action capturing tangible results as they lead their teams.


Guiding Leaders through Immediate & Measurable Proven Action Capturing Tangible Results

This exclusive Leadership Academy was developed out of sheer necessity! Organizations of all sizes invest significant amounts of time, money, and energy improving their processes with hopes of becoming more profitable. Sometimes this is based on a goal of being best-in-class in their respective markets or industries but sometimes it's just to stay competitive in attracting customers or top talent. All too often though, the things that can have the most immediate impact on profitability are completely overlooked because they're considered intangible... What are those things? Those things are the tools that develop strong and effective leaders throughout an organization, and those things are absolutely measurable in your bottom line!

The IMPACT Leadership Academy is designed to serve a very specific purpose for every individual participant and the company they represent. We use a very strategic approach to provide a strong foundation of servant leadership principles and work with each member on a one-on-one basis to implement and sustain new behaviors that their team members will notice right away.

Contrary to an all too popular belief, the skills required to be an effective leader ARE NOT "soft" or "intangible." This program teaches participants not only how to lead their teams better, but how to measure the results of the action steps they take to track a tangible return on investment!

IMPACT Leadership Academy Structure

  • Initial Intake Session to Identify Areas of Focus and Set Measurable Goals
  • Monthly One-On-One Strategic Leadership Coaching
  • Quarterly Group Sessions to Provide a Foundation for Effective Leadership and Develop Relationships with Peers
  • Report-Out to Outline Changed Behaviors and Improved Profitability Achieved

Offered both in-person and virtually, participants are part of a one year intensive engagement that's designed to achieve their strategic leadership initiatives. This engagement begins with an intake session where Wes & Cindy Dove meet with the individual participant and their immediate manager to determine the specific areas of focus that need the most attention throughout the process and what success will look like at the end of the engagement to ensure expectations are met and a significant return on investment is achieved. After this initial intake session, participants will have monthly one-on-one Strategic Leadership Coaching sessions focused around the steps they are implementing to achieve their goals. Additionally, participants will be part of three quarterly half-day sessions (Q1 through Q3, in-person or virtually depending on enrollment) and our annual full day leadership event (the LIVE2LEAD:Harrisonburg Experience with Dove Development & Consulting) held in Q4. These group sessions follow a very detailed timeline and curriculum designed to provide the most applicable content and build mutually beneficial relationships with other leaders. The annual engagement in the IMPACT Leadership Academy concludes with the participant providing their manager with a report-out detailing the action steps they've taken throughout this process and the impact those steps have had on the profitability in their area of responsibility.

Quarterly Group Session Structure:

  • 12:00p - 12:30p: Lunch with group discussion covering best practices and successes achieved through intentional leadership action steps.
  • 12:30p - 1:20p: First of two exclusive lessons delivered by Dove Development & Consulting developed specifically for IMPACT Leadership Academy participants.
  • 1:20p - 2:00p: Participants break into small groups for strategic discussion around the content covered in the lesson.
  • 2:00p - 2:50p: Second of two exclusive lessons delivered by Dove Development & Consulting developed specifically for IMPACT Leadership Academy participants.
  • 2:50p - 3:20p: Participants break into small groups for strategic discussion around the content covered in the lesson.
  • 3:20p - 4:00p: Participants outline the individual action steps they will implement in their respective roles immediately following the session. Participants share these action steps with Wes or Cindy Dove for follow up in monthly one-on-one sessions.
  • All times shown are Eastern Time, each session closes promptly at 4:00p.
  • All six exclusive lessons covered in Q1, Q2, and Q3 sessions are designed exclusively for this group. Regardless of when a participant joins, they will have the opportunity to work through all six during their one year engagement.

The annual full day leadership event in Q4 closes with an Executive Summit session where  participants join members of our Executive Leadership Elite Think Tank and other local business owners and executives to network and share best practices around strategic leadership initiatives.

Proven Results...

Check out what people are saying about the impact this approach has had on their organization's profitability!


IMPACT Leadership Academy Participant Benefits

  • Three half-day workshops featuring exclusive curriculum and leadership networking opportunities. (Our live, half-day workshops regularly start at $297/session)
  • VIP access to our annual full day leadership event. (regularly priced at $197/person)
  • In addition to the exclusive lessons provided in the quarterly sessions, participants will have access to our Leading At The Next Level program that offers two live virtual sessions each month followed by Q&A and a digital library featuring more than 100 lessons developed by Dove Development & Consulting. (regularly priced at $497/yr)
  • 12 one-hour Strategic Leadership Coaching sessions, scheduled monthly throughout the year to ensure a measurable return on investment. (regularly priced at $3,500)
  • Participant's organization receives exclusive discounts on certain training sessions provided by Dove Development & Consulting.
  • Total Value = Over $5,000 PLUS the Return On Investment we help each participant capture, which has reached 40X in several organizations...

Is this IMPACT Leadership Academy Right for You or Someone on Your Team?

Let's talk about it... Simply complete the form below and we'll be in touch, or you can schedule a time to talk Wes or Cindy about how being part of this exclusive group can help capture more profitability in your organization!

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Andy Vanhook, CEO

The training our team receives from Wes & Cindy serves as the glue that holds relationships together, internally and with the clients we serve.

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Brian Phelps, CEO

My participation helped me to reshape and validate my vision and form a more meaningful mission that will better align with the values we have always believed in. My only regret is not having the opportunity to learn these lessons earlier in my career.

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Jordan Rohrer, Owner

Wes & Cindy care about the value I get as an owner from the training they do with my team. They help support The Power Connection's values!

Who Should Participate...

  • Participants must be willing to lead from a position of earned influence rather than the authority that comes from a position or title.
  • Participants should hold roles where they are responsible for achieving results with (and through) teams of people.
  • Participants must be solution-focused; this is not an environment for commiserating on the struggles we face but for identifying the steps we can take to address the challenges of leadership and create a great culture in our respective organizations;
  • Participants are expected to maintain a professional level of confidentiality. While the focus is on leadership rather than specific industry practices, all participants can expect that things discussed in group or one-on-one sessions will not be shared publicly.
  • Participants are expected to engage in the process. We understand that schedules can be difficult to manage but attendance in quarterly group sessions as well as monthly one-on-one coaching sessions are critical to ensuring they achieve a measurable return on investment. Participants are expected to attend at least 3 of the 4 quarterly group sessions and 10 of the 12 monthly one-on-one coaching sessions. *Make-up sessions may be an option when advanced notice is provided.
  • While we hope it's never needed, participation may be terminated due to unethical behavior or a lack of engagement in the process.

Organizations We've Served Through This Approach Include:

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Is This The Right Fit?

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