Strategic, Action-Based, and Focused on Results!

Improve overall performance, productivity, and profitability through our strategic coaching model.

We've always put a high priority on developing material and delivering training that's practical so that each individual participant can easily identify the immediate action steps they can apply afterward that will provide them and the organization they're part of with a tangible return on investment. Whether that's been part of an on-site session or through our digital resources, there has always been an expectation for each person to implement something they've learned and collaborate on their specific action items with someone they can be accountable to...

In a perfect world, that accountability is with the participants direct supervisor or manager.Our goal has always been to provide world-class resources that help team members and managers work more effectively with one another. But let's be honest, there are scenarios where there's just no more time in the day to squeeze this in. Having seen this time challenge slow progress (and results) in more than a few situations, and being trained, certified, and mentored by one of the world's leading executive coaches, we realized that the individuals and organizations we work closely with could benefit from this deeper level of support.

Our foundational training gets your team moving in the same direction providing the right foundation to grow from. Our content driven coaching strategically develops leaders in the areas and directions of desired growth.  We then take leaders through an experiential learning model enabling them to choose the next level of leadership content specific to their needs ensuring they are coached and developed in the right areas for continued growth toward their best levels of leadership.

How Does a Strategic Leadership Coaching Package Work?

Our standard packages include access to our digital resources. We work with you to identify the specific courses and lessons that will provide you with the most applicable material that you can apply immediately. Each individual digital lesson is followed by an assessment that will challenge you to identify the immediate action step you can put in place right away; to detail the tangible outcome you hope to achieve by taking that action step; and to identify at least three additional things you can apply moving forward. And the vast majority of our digital lessons have been approved for continuing education credit toward various professional credentials!

The coaching relationship is centered around your responses to the assessment questions and takes a very intentional approach to work through the actions you're taking and ensure you're getting to best results possible. Coaching sessions will be scheduled on a bi-weekly basis at a mutually agreed upon time. While these are typically done virtually to make the best use of your time, we're happy to discuss options for scheduling these in person. We can also discuss options for scheduling sessions on a more frequent basis if the need arises.

Our strategic goals in each individual coaching relationship will be focused around:

  • Developing leadership skills that make a tangible impact in your current role;
  • Ensuring that what you learn is being put into action and building a stronger leadership culture for the team you lead;
  • Making a measurable impact on your organization's employee engagement and employee retention;
  • Improving overall productivity and profitability in your area of responsibility!

If you or one the leaders on your team could benefit from this type of coaching focused on driving return on investment and building a culture that great team members want to be a part of, let's have a conversation about how we can get the process started!

Learn More About Accessing This Exclusive Service for Yourself or for a Leader on Your Team

Whether it's one of our standard bi-weekly coaching packages listed here or a customized package to meet your specific needs, we specialize in building a program that provides you and your organization with measurable return on investment!

Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for implementing the steps necessary to become an effective leader at each new level in your career. While we will share things that we've seen make an amazing impact in numerous organizations, we can't take action for you. By registering for this or any of our courses, you accept complete and total responsibility for taking action to apply what we share in your own role and for making a positive impact on each individual you lead!

Key Points to Consider with a Strategic Leadership Coaching Package

Our first priority is making sure you or the leader on your team we may be working with gets exceptional value through the training resources we provide as well as each personal coaching session. We do have a very limited number of spots available since we only provide this kind of service in a one on one, live setting.

While there are options below for purchasing access to one of our Strategic Leadership Coaching packages, we really need to have some conversation first to be sure it will give you the best value for your investment and that we're the right fit for you. We've had the opportunity to work with individuals and teams across North America but we never take a relationship as important as this lightly.

NOTICE: Our coaching relationships are completely confidential. We will never share any information covered during a coaching relationship with any other person or organization without consent.

Strategic Leadership Coaching - Standard 3 Month Package

$2,000.00 USD
Strategic Leadership Coaching - Standard 6 Month Package

$3,500.00 USD
Strategic Leadership Coaching - Standard Annual Package

$6,000.00 USD