What Does It Really Cost?

As I wrapped up the last blog, I referenced a study that showed how many organizations lose as much as 17 hours per week to miscommunication. Unlike the Salesforce.com study, I couldn’t put my find on any of the additional details that study covered or who conducted it. That said, I found it! We typically share these statistics during the second lesson of our Emerging Leader Development course, Critical Principles for Effective Communication… Here you go:

According to an SIS International Research study, the cumulative cost per year due to productivity losses resulting from communication barriers is more than $26,000 per employee. Not only that, the study found that a business with 100 employees spends an average downtime of 17 hours a week clarifying communications. Translated into dollars, that’s more than $530,000 a year.

I go on to detail out that math for companies half that size and twice that size, just so participants have a chance to relate it to the...

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Do They Really Know How Much You Value Them?

Originally shared in A Daily Dose Of Leadership on July 8, 2020.

As leaders, we each work incredibly hard to earn belief and trust from each individual on our teams. But let me stop here and point out that I didn’t say “as managers” or “as executives” because the title alone has very little to do with leading!

Quite honestly, earning belief and trust with each of our team members is something we should be working to do on a daily basis. One of the ways we can do that is by being very intentional about showing how much we truly value the unique skill sets each of them provide our organizations.

In a recent Leading At The Next Level lesson called A MAJOR Underlying Issue, I touched on some of the issues we’re seeing across our great nation on what seems to be a daily basis. While it may or may not be quite as dramatic as the media paints it, there are some significant issues that need to be addressed. And in my opinion, it’s not a black or...

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