Be the Best, But at What Cost?

I remember having lunch with my best friend from high school in 2002 or so. He had recently accepted a position with a new company and was off to an amazing start. I had been leading our facility’s behavior-based safety process for around a year at that point and was finally starting to believe I could be great in the role. I can still picture with complete clarity where we sat in the restaurant that’s no longer open, which just happened to be the same place that Cindy and I first had dinner together, and I can still hear the goals we shared with one another for what we knew we could each achieve over the next few years.

Both of us had started working nearly full time jobs early high school and both of us had only hit college with a stick to that point. While the positions we had earned by then were fairly decent for being in our mid 20s with no degrees, we were extremely excited about the potential we each believed we had to be the best in our respective fields.

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