The Power of Preparing for Defining Moments in the Future

defining moments defining moments in leadership leadership choices leadership decisions leadership non-negotiables values Mar 03, 2023

Once I understood what defining moments really were to leaders and how if we evaluate them, make the changes necessary within ourselves to become better, it’s then that we are empowered to not only do better in the future but also prepare for defining moments in the future.

A powerful way to accomplish this is by deciding our values - our non-negotiables - ahead of time which enables us to know where we stand on issues in work and life and is the best way to prepare for defining moments in the future.

Avoiding the mental ping-pong of what to do, what to say, and when, saves a lot of energy not to mention the pain of bad decisions in the moment. Then the fallout of those bad decisions! 

Some non-negotiables for Wes and myself are things like values, growth, integrity, consistency, faith, relationships, attitude, priorities, health, family.

Here’s an example of how some of these apply for us…

Values: I will live out my values daily

Priorities: I will identify and act on important priorities daily.

Relationships: I Will build and invest in solid relationships daily

Growth: I will invest in myself and grow daily

Attitude: I will offer a positive attitude daily

You get the idea. And when I’m tested in one of these areas the decision is already made as to what my non-negotiables are and I simply have to manage those decisions. I say simply because it’s a simple choice but it’s usually not the easiest road to take at the time but pays a priceless return!