Ground Breaking Defining Moments

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Leaders become better leaders when they experience a defining moment and respond to it correctly.  John Maxwell

How often do you think about the defining moments in your life and whether your choices took you in a positive direction?  The more we learn from these moments the better prepared we’ll be to make choices that create the future we want rather than set us back.  If we’re not reflecting on our defining moments, we may even miss the moments met with exceptional choices - no matter how difficult - that changed the direction of our life forever in an exciting way!

I’ve (Cindy) heard defining moments put into dozens of categories but I’ll share one with you now and others soon.  The first defining moment category in Leadership Gold is about Ground Breakers

Ground Breaking defining moments allow us to start something new, find opportunity in a new direction, and unfortunately we can miss a great opportunity if our choices create a turn in the wrong direction.

Not long after Wes started Dove Development & Consulting in June of 2015, we set out to learn all we could through mentors and coaches, and with a significant monetary investment in our own development and leadership. As we gained knowledge on how to best add value to people through leadership training, we quickly realized this would include creating content filled with our experiences, knowledge base, training, and development to connect with others in a way we truly add value to them.

Wes made the decision to provide an email series Daily Dose of Leadership, which is also a blog, that goes out to about 600 individuals now or more, and in looking back this was a defining moment for our business and future success.  Fast forward a number of years later, the content he creates and the discipline it has taken to do so, has led to the foundation of him writing over 70 lessons and courses on a variety of leadership topics, becoming a  collaborative author on two books, he writes two monthly articles around effective communication and leadership, one for a newspaper and another for the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA), the world’s largest organization exclusively dedicated to On-Site Power Generation and comprised of over 500 companies. Plus, he’s writing a book now too! And all by the defining moment decision to create content every day that adds value to others in the leadership space. Now, as leaders we know our work doesn’t stop at making a decision.  Leaders manage their decisions on a daily basis.

Think about the defining moments you have had in your life that proved to be Ground Breaking.  Consider what you learned from the choices you made and how you can be more aware of potential Ground Breaking moments in the future.