Defining Moments Can Be Chart Breakers

chart breaking defining moments defining moments defining moments in leadership development growth leadership choices Feb 27, 2023

Chart Breakers are those defining moment choices that open doors for you to achieve much higher levels of success.

Chart breaking choices I (Cindy) have watched family, friends, and clients make recently include leaving a toxic culture to gain opportunity in a whole new industry. For one family member this particular choice gives them a career opportunity to learn a trade and advance their income further than they ever imagined. All while helping people and having a greater quality of life!

They didn’t simply breeze through the door of opportunity.  They evaluated their past experiences, considered what they wanted their future to look like, and made a significant sacrifice financially to gain opportunity.

I’m watching another individual as they are evaluating an opportunity to merge another organization with their own.  This chart breaking opportunity comes from making choices in defining moments that took the leader and organization in the right direction.

Another individual had an opportunity to bet on herself and take her editorial and presenting skills to another organization who valued her skills and leadership. She is quickly leading the organization forward, being identified for promotion opportunities, and while she was already making good income, it’s now substantially increased.

Do you see a common theme in each of the journey’s above?  They’re each experiencing a better quality of life from their chart breaking decision!

I’ll stop here because I want you to think about the chart breaking choices you have made as well as those on the horizon for you. Sometimes we know the choices are coming and sometimes we don’t.

The main thing is to consistently build and grow yourself and create time to routinely evaluate your experiences.  This along with learning from the experiences of others, will help you become the person who is ready to take on chart breaking opportunities that are right for you.