Leadership is Knowing Each Team Member!

Once we've developed a foundational understanding of the values our organizations are built on, with each and every individual, we can begin developing a clear picture of what we need moving forward. This is where we're able to create a succession plan for what our leadership team looks like in the future, but also what every other area of our business is built around. Not only is it critical that we identify those who will be our company's future leaders, it's just as important that we understand the goals and desires of our team members well enough to know when someone isn't interested in moving into a role with supervisory or management responsibility. We need to provide everyone with opportunities to grow in the career paths that best suit them while producing long term results for the organization as a whole!

We've been able to help business owners and executive teams learn about their team members by using a very strategic approach, blending some of the simplest tools available in the workplace today, to achieve measurable results that have a direct and positive impact on turnover, performance, and overall profitability. Where many so-called consultants promote various assessments, our focus is always on helping team members take ACTION that yields results - never just glancing a report that gets filed away to never be looked at again...

So How Do We Do It?

In addition to having access to some of the most effective workplace development resources on the market, we're intentional about helping the organizations we serve create actionable plans to implement and sustain the steps they identify to achieve the results they're after!

A Word Of Caution...

There are countless charlatans in the marketplace today touting themselves as coaches and consultants who are "certified" or "licensed" with various shiny objects that claim to be the magic pill... Certified DOES NOT equate to Qualified! We've been very careful in selecting the tools we've invested in so we can be sure that each organization we work with can see a tangible return on their investment, and we've built programs that couple those tools with our own personal experiences over more than half a century of leading teams and developing leaders.

Understanding Human Behavior...

According to an SIS International Research study, "the cumulative cost per year due to productivity losses resulting from communication barriers is more than $26,000 per employee. Not only that, the study found that a business with 100 employees spends an average downtime of 17 hours a week clarifying communications. Translated into dollars, that’s more than $530,000 a year."

We use the science behind the DISC Model of Human Behavior to help teams recognize and understand the communication styles of each individual they interact with to minimize, and often even eliminate, the communication barriers creating the misunderstandings that result in this lost productivity. This understanding helps the leaders in the organization know what each team member needs most from them to engage at a higher level!

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Understanding The Right Fit...

"Personality correlates so tightly with jobs that it may affect job choices more than skills, experience, or ability." - Bloomberg.com

When combined with the DISC Model of Human Behavior, the Six Types of Working Genius can provide clarity on which individual is best suited for any given role over the long haul. We help leaders apply these tools to increase retention, drive employee engagement, and avoid burnout throughout their teams!

The Right Resources for Growth...

“Managers produce results within existing constraints and conditions while leaders change or challenge existing constraints and conditions.” - Carly Fiorina

In most organizations, we promote our best do-ers to roles where they're responsible for a team without providing the support they'll need to lead that team as effectively as they had performed their previous tasks. Whether it's their first time in a position with leadership responsibility or a move with increased responsibility, support in bridging the gaps in almost always necessary - are rarely provided. Our Emerging Leader Development course is built for exactly that.

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Growth Isn't Always A Promotion...

Sometimes the best performers on our teams have no desire to climb the company ladder... Providing them with opportunities to excel right where they are can make a significant different in their engagement as well as with building the next generation! Our Developing Effective Trainers course provides these crucial team members with the tools leveraging their influence and effectively passing on the knowledge they've worked so hard to gain!

Creating YOUR Plan...

Developing a strong succession plan for your organization and identifying clear career paths for each individual team member can be THE difference in whether you're faced with the same challenges (at best) a few years from now or if you're team is achieving the vision you hold dear... If any of this resonates with you, let's talk about which next steps best serve you and your team!

Simply fill out the form and we'll be in touch soon, or you can schedule a video conference with Wes or Cindy to get the process started right away!