DISCover Your Team's Potential

Proven Principles To Help Engage Your Team & Improve Performance

If you have every felt like someone else just didn't "get it" when you communicated what was a very clear message to you, perhaps it was simply that you were speaking in a language they don't naturally understand. We each receive and process information differently based on our own unique communication and behavioral styles.

Led by Chris Rollins, we were excited to have been asked to be part of this project with several other leading human behavior experts in various fields from across the United States!.

DISC is a model of human behavior. It is far more than merely an assessment that someone takes. Learn from the experts who share their personal experiences on how to actually apply this model to significantly impact your team's performance. 

Human behavior is predictable, but it doesn't have to be labeling either. This book isn't filled with academic theory, but explains real-world application to apply this in your daily life. 

Order directly from Dove Development & Consulting and receive a copy signed by Wes and Cindy Dove (authors or chapter five) for only $19.99 (free shipping within the U.S.) If you are outside of the U.S. we recommend ordering directly from Amazon to save the shipping cost.  

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Learn More About How We Help Your Team Communicate More Effectively...

Whether it's through the various tools we're licensed with to help you build the Model of Human Behavior into your culture, many of the lessons we've built in our Leading At The Next Level program, or our tailored course on Keys To Effective Communication, we look forward to helping you Discover YOUR Team's Potential!

If you would like more information about how we can help you build a customized program for your organization or you'd like a discount on multiple copies of Discover Your Team's Potential for your group, feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected] with DYTP in the subject line.

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