Do Not Cheat Yourself By Doing This!

When we strive to become more aware of us we give ourselves a chance to grow in the areas we need to. 

A friend called me (Cindy) recently with a revelation about some of the individuals she was choosing to spend time with. I passed on an intentional action a mentor shared with me when I found myself in a similar place. He says anytime we step out to grow and change it serves us well to keep this in mind.  I’ll always be growing and changing so that tells me I always need to keep this in mind.  And I want to share it with you!

"It's time to focus on your actions and spend time with confident people who in turn make you better. Don't cheat yourself by being around insecure people who want to keep you off-balance and take advantage, instead, immerse yourself in confidence-drenched environments."

Maybe this will help you or maybe it will help you to help someone you care about. Either way, it's a good self-check from time to time!  

The Law of Awareness...

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Doing It and Making Sure It’s Done Are Two Very Different Things!

In the last blog, I shared a story with you that still makes me squirm a bit. It seemed like every minute of every day was packed as full as I could possibly handle. From the time I walked in my office, usually around 6a, until I left for the evening around 6:30 or 7p, I ran as hard as I could and usually scarfed down some leftovers at my desk while catching up on voicemails or emails… It was nuts!

Clearing those time and attendance system exceptions weren’t necessarily my responsibility but addressing any given one of them was far faster than taking the time to fix what was essentially broken in the process. I’ll re-emphasize what I closed that last blog with: I didn’t discipline myself to invest enough time into fixing that process so I found myself losing exponentially more time each week patching it because I thought doing it right once would be more than I could handle. Ugh!!!

In that scenario, I didn’t have anyone else that I could pass any of...

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Busier Than We’ve Ever Been!

Before we dive into a topic that I’m sure will resonate with anyone who invests the time to read this message and the few that follow, I have no choice but to share an update about the 2020 LIVE2LEAD:Harrisonburg SEASON!!! In addition to the in-person, Executive Summit format event we’ll be hosting at Blue Ridge Community College on Friday, October 23, we’ve added a LIVE virtual option on October 9 and a second virtual option on November 13. While the Oct 23 date is technically sold out until we can work with all of our partners and those who registered prior to COVID shutting down the world, both virtual options are available now at along with some new info on speakers and other details about the special opportunities we can offer you and your team from Oct 9 through the end of Feb ‘21!

Now let’s get down to business!

I recently published an article on LinkedIn titled Busy, Lazy, or Undisciplined? At first glance, that...

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