The Benefits of Adversity

Leaders face problems everyday.  Some are mere challenges to overcome and be better for it.  Many times they are problems to be appreciated and solved.  As leaders, we know solving problems is a skill we need to continually hone and develop because there will always be a need! 

When we learn to appreciate problems for the opportunities they bring, everyone wins. In Sometimes You Win - Sometimes You Learn, Maxwell gives us this reminder, “problems always bring opportunities, and opportunities always bring problems.” 

Recently, Wes and I faced a major problem and you may be thinking me too!  Not all problems are major you know, there are minor problems, major problems and there are ‘minjor’ problems...they are not minor or major but if we don’t solve ‘minjor’ problems they will soon be major. If you follow NCIS at all you know Abby is a wordsmith and I learned this from her!

The problem we faced was a major...

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