I Don't Care How, Just Get It Done!

In the last LinkedIn article I published, A Great Customer Experience!, I referenced being tied up in customer support calls for more than twelve hours over the course of four days. Here’s where I need to be very transparent… For years, my dad has told me that I would become more patient as I got older. To this point, only one of those two things has happened - and it hasn’t been an increase in patience! For me, fifteen minutes stuck on a customer support call is cruel and unusual punishment… After twelve hours, I wanted to fight someone! (Ok, I was ready for that after two hours…)

With that in mind, it gave me some perspective on just how important providing a great customer experience is in maintaining and strengthening relationships with the people we serve - whether they’re our direct customers or they’re members of the team we’re responsible for leading. And we have to be honest with ourselves; there are going to be times when...

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The Name of the Game

Originally shared in A Daily Dose Of Leadership on August 12, 2020.

Before we get started, here’s a quick heads up that we now have all the up to date details on the 2020 LIVE2LEAD:Harrisonburg events posted at www.L2L-Harrisonburg.com and we’ll be adding new details as we have them. In addition to live, private, and virtual options, we’ll be providing EVERYONE who participates in any of these options with a special bonus at no additional cost!

Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast!

I closed the last message by asking you if you had ever stopped to consider whether or not you’ve been playing the right game… Kind of an odd question, huh… While I truly believe Bo Jackson would have been one of the best Major League Baseball players ever had he chosen just that instead pursuing his football career as well, that’s not where I was going with my question!

Another way of looking at that question could tie back to some of the...

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