Are You Moving in the Right Direction?

Even when we are growing, if we are in the midst of change and uncertainty we can lose sight of our direction.  One way to stay focused on the vision of your future is to keep it in front of you on a daily basis and continue growing in the areas you most need to grow.

Knowing yourself well enough to know where you most need to grow to get to where you want to be... is the key!

In the second chapter of 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth we find the Law of Awareness which says, you must know yourself to grow yourself.  This combination gives us direction if we apply it to our life. To help us understand this at a deeper level John Maxwell shares the following 3 types of people when it comes to finding direction:

  1. People who don’t know what they would like to do
  • They are confused
  1. People who know what they want to do but they don’t do it.
  •  They are frustrated
  1. People who know what they want to do and they do it.
  • They are fulfilled

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