Kind and Reassuring, or They’ll Disappear!

Unlike the last two groups we looked at who like to see things moving along fast, this more Reserved group won’t appreciate being rushed through the process - especially when tension is building! While we can expect confrontation from the DRIVEN group and often a sarcastic comment (or fifty) from the INSPIRING group, the folks who tend to be more SHY are more likely to do all they possibly can to avoid ruffling anyone’s feathers. And in many cases, this very SUPPORTIVE group will accept the loss and be on their way.

With the exception of what I dealt with just this past week, I’ve rarely ever been in a customer service situation where the person tasked with handling the issue wasn’t trying to find a resolution as quickly as possible. Not only did the folks I was interacting with seem unconcerned about the amount of time it was taking, they clearly had no real interest in solving the problem either… The typical approach of fixing the issue as...

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Do Better or Become Better?

Originally shared in A Daily Dose Of Leadership on August 21, 2020.

If we’re focused on winning a finite game, our objective will most likely be to do the absolute best we can within the given time frame so our results are better than whoever we’re competing against. And let me be VERY clear here: I love to win! My DRIVEN approach to life can turn nearly everything into a race. (You’re welcome to verify that with Cindy if necessary…)

But being able to differentiate which things require that finite approach where we’re competing to win from the things that are truly more infinite can make a world of difference in what we achieve over the course of time!

In his recent book LeaderSHIFT, John Maxwell shares a story of what changed how he approached his role in ministry and how that shift impacted the results he was able to achieve in every other area of his life from that point forward. I won’t hash out the entire story, you should really read the...

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