It Fuels the DRIVEN Style, but It’s Important for Everyone!

disc humanbehavior leadership results Aug 12, 2020

Originally shared in A Daily Dose Of Leadership on June 19, 2020.

When Cindy and I work with teams to build a foundation for effective workplace communication throughout their culture using the DISC Model of Human Behavior, we always share that the one thing that puts fuel in the tank for folks with the DRIVEN style is Getting Results!!! But it’s not just the DRIVEN folks who need results because the results we all achieve on a day to day basis are so important in building that Cycle for Success we’ve been looking at through the last several blogs!

While we’ve looked at each of the other individual steps that build to our results, let’s take a quick glance at the entire cycle one more time before we dig into the Results piece specifically…

Our belief controls our thoughts, our thoughts drive our actions, and those actions will produce some sort of results.

When I suggest that those of us with high amounts of that DRIVEN style are fueled by results, I’m typically implying that those would be positive results… But for the sake of really understanding what it takes to build A Cycle for Success, we need to understand that the less than desirable results that can sometimes come from our actions, or lack thereof, have just as much impact of the overall cycle as the best results we could possibly imagine!

We certainly need to get results. And in almost every field, with the exception of the government and apparently some the most highly esteemed local senior care facilities, we’re actually measured by achieving the results we’re expected to achieve… But it’s absolutely critical to understand how ANY results we achieve factor into the whole cycle we’ve been looking at.

The results we achieve, good or bad, are NOT the end point in the cycle! Although they come directly from our actions, our results go on the feed our beliefs… And the whole process starts over again!

So when we allow a very insignificant limiting belief to grow in our minds and take root in our thoughts in a negative way, our actions are sure to be a direct reflection of that and yield the exact result that we were concerned about in the first place – and that will only deepen our initial limiting belief.

The best news I can share with you now is that we can each take complete control over each step of the process and intentionally build A Cycle for Success that supports what we really want instead of what we may have been conditioned to fear! But we’ll have to dig into how we can take control of that another time…