How Do We Help Your Leaders Bridge the Gaps?

This course is designed to provide tools that any leader can begin to implement immediately so they can overcome the challenges they face as their responsibility becomes more about leading the people on their team than executing a specific task.

If you've seen or even experienced this in your career, you know just how important strategic develop can be in helping an Emerging Leader be successful in at each new level!

The cost of turnover can often be as much as 300% of the position's salary. Replacing someone in a leadership role could easily cost the organization six figures... And what about the attrition that happens throughout the team as a result of any deficiencies in leadership? How does this impact the service that each customer or client receives?

Providing the right tools for the Emerging Leader could save a company tens of thousands of dollars in staffing costs as well as adding huge numbers to the bottom line through improved productivity and increased customer retention! This course is built to provide significant Return on Investment by helping Bridge The Gaps in ANY Emerging Leader's Transition!!!

In addition to this in-person, public session, we've offered this results-oriented course as an on-demand course with lifetime access and as a customized onsite option that’s tailored to meet each organization’s specific needs.

What's Covered in Emerging Leader Development?

Lesson titles and objectives:
  1. Why Leadership?
    • Understanding that leadership isn’t just tied to a title & Developing influence with the team you lead
  2. Critical PRINCIPLES for Effective Communication
    • Learn these five keys to build influence within your team with every interaction
  3. Recognizing & Understanding Communication Styles
    • How to avoid the traps of “Speaking the Wrong Language
  4. Critical PRACTICES for Effective Communication
    • Apply these five keys to establish strong relationships and develop an awesome culture within your team
  5. Keep Growing to Keep Leading
    • How to build a personal & professional development plan to excel at EVERY level
  6. Leadership Thinking
    • The importance of strategic thinking in a leadership role

A Certificate of Completion is issued to each participant who fulfills the course requirements by identifying and taking action on items they learn in each lesson that can drive immediate return on investment for their organization!

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This course have been approved for credit through the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), the Virginia Department of Labor, and by NAB/NCERS (the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards). Be sure to let us know if you need credit with any of these entities prior to registering!

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Steven Faught, owner

We were very intentional about developing our people through this leadership program. Having sent all of our managers through this class, it's made an incredible difference with all 3 of us having the same course and being accountable to one another with the course work. The content of this class is terrific! It is great for a new leader, or someone who has been in the position for a long time. Highly recommend for your entire team!

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Dr. Taura Barr

Chief Science Officer/Partner

The Emerging Leader Development program was definitely a great refresher for anyone who leads a team, whether you are CEO or new to leadership. As an experienced leader, I was not only able to reflect on where I've been in my leadership, but also where I want to go and what skills I need to work on to harness more of my strengths. I recommend it for anyone who wants to be the best leader they can be.

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Stephanie Reese,PHR & SHRM-CP

Human Resource Director

Wes and Cindy's courses break down leadership theories in a way that can be applied practically in the work setting. To help ensure application, the Emerging Leadership Development course utilizes group accountability as a positive means to encourage participants to practice what they are learning in class. I highly recommend signing up.

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