Get More Juice From Each Squeeze!

I closed the last blog post with a promise to share some practical steps each of us can build a culture that creates amazing customer experiences and directly impacts profitability. Before I go there though, I want to share what may be the last invitation I can pass along for you to join me and Cindy this coming Friday (Nov 13) for the final LIVE2LEAD:Harrisonburg virtual experience we’ll be hosting in 2020. This year’s content is incredible but the bonuses are worth as much as the event itself… Hope you’re able to join us!

So how can we get more juice from each squeeze? First, understand I’m not suggesting that we ever try to actually SQUEEZE extra dollars out of the clients or customers we interact with! If we provide them with value through the product or service we offer, we deserve fair compensation for that. What I am suggesting is that we do everything in our power to make sure we capture as much profit as we possibly can from the revenue we...

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