The Benefits of Adversity

Leaders face problems everyday.  Some are mere challenges to overcome and be better for it.  Many times they are problems to be appreciated and solved.  As leaders, we know solving problems is a skill we need to continually hone and develop because there will always be a need! 

When we learn to appreciate problems for the opportunities they bring, everyone wins. In Sometimes You Win - Sometimes You Learn, Maxwell gives us this reminder, “problems always bring opportunities, and opportunities always bring problems.” 

Recently, Wes and I faced a major problem and you may be thinking me too!  Not all problems are major you know, there are minor problems, major problems and there are ‘minjor’ problems...they are not minor or major but if we don’t solve ‘minjor’ problems they will soon be major. If you follow NCIS at all you know Abby is a wordsmith and I learned this from her!

The problem we faced was a major...

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The Root of All Leadership

The Law of the Ladder is about growing your character to grow you. And says, character growth determines the height of your personal growth.

When you think of character what comes to mind? I (Cindy) think of honesty, integrity, accountability, being genuine, the same person on the inside as we are on the outside, doing the right thing, many thoughts come to mind when the topic of character comes up.

The development of character is so foundational to the success of every individual that Wes and I started our Emerging Leader Development course session one, module one, with character! For us, we would be failing individuals and organizations if we didn’t start this people development course with the very thing that makes up the foundation of the person.

What does character mean to you? How can character help you on your personal growth journey? Whatever it is for you it is important to remember character is a foundational component to who we are and how we show up for...

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The Top Trait Universally Valued By People

A study mentioned in the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth states, HONESTY is the top trait universally valued by people.  Good to know and not a real surprise! As we are leading ourselves and leading others we are always honest, right?  But how many times have you seen this and maybe it even happened to you: a stretch of the truth, a white lie, a version of truth, can hurt people and is not the truth. Of course, we have to stay away from any variance that is untrue and stay above board in all things.

The good news is our inside development is totally within our control. We will each face character choices determining not only our own growth but the value we can add to people. The right choices allow us to help people and not hurt them!  Plus, the growth within ourselves is priceless.

In a recent Leading at the Next Level lesson, I (Cindy) shared the Law of Solid Ground which says, trust is the foundation of leadership.  This particular lesson delved into What the...

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