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Passion is a thought process you can choose at any time. If you don’t believe me (Cindy) just think about your next trip to the beach, your family, the fun you have with your best friend, or the way your dog greets you when you arrive home. If none of these work for you, how about that cup of coffee you’re going to enjoy in the morning? I’m really passionate about my morning coffee!

I like the definition of passion offered by Merriam Webster which states; a strong feeling of excitement or enthusiasm for something or about doing something. That’s exactly the way I want to show up in life! How about you? How do you feel and what energy are you willing to put into your thought process to create more passion in the things you do?

There's a definite connection between finding your passion and reaching your potential. John Maxwell tells us why in 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. Here’s a few he shares:

*Passion gives you an advantage over those who don't have...

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