Shared Values Define the Team

May 23, 2023

One of my (Cindy) favorite things to help leaders communicate are the core values their team shares. When we talk about values, we have to talk about character. Character is who we are on the inside and our values system guides our behavior that demonstrates our character.  There’s a natural human desire to at least at some level, from time to time, be concerned about how we look on the outside.  The slippery slope starts when we are more concerned about what’s on the outside than on the inside.  As a matter of fact, that slope can quickly become a cliff.

The Law of Identity says, shared values define the team.  

But the team cannot have shared values if the values are not shared with the team.  Many teams have a great vision in place and the organization knows the vision overall.  And they have their mission in place.  But if they do not have shared values, they are basing their actions on their own version of what the organization values or what they decide they value or do not value… because they lack the values of the organization being a shared message and set expectation. What this usually looks like is a breakdown of communication, trust, and values with the very people who are carrying out the mission as they serve and interact with your clients, customers, and each other.  

Since values & mission have to matter to the internal team, let’s consider how the three areas all work together:  Vision>Mission>Values 

Vision:  should clarify us.  Should speak to our daily discipline to know where we are going.  The example of one training organization we work with is People Centric, Values Based, Serving Others  That is it!  Whatever mission they are on, if they are not keeping people at the center of their mission and values as the base of their mission, while serving others, they fail.

Mission: Is the internal language and once given must match the internal behaviors.

Values:  This guides our people management system.  These are disciplines on how each member of the team interacts with the people, the system, and their clients.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to build our people and the way our people are built shows up in our culture everyday. If we build values of service, integrity, accountability, responsibility this will show up as values based, integrity filled, accountable, responsible service to our customers, clients and one another. 

It’s a big job, but you are not alone!  We are here to support you, so reach out and let us know how we can best serve you.