A Special Message from Mark Cole, CEO of The John Maxwell Enterprise


Leadership Diagnostic and Team Building

This leadership diagnostic assessment tool, The John Maxwell Leadership Game, is designed to provide a fun and relaxed, but also very challenging environment where participants are engaged in some very intentional discussion around the leadership issues and topics that impact them as a group on a frequent basis. Not only does this allow them to recognize each other’s strengths and contributions to the team, it also gives perspective on the issues the group is facing as well as opportunities for growth. And the feedback we’ve gotten from every individual participant and organization has echoed that.

Skills Training in Speaking, Presenting & Communicating

Want to know the secret to getting anything you want in your professional and personal life? Communication. Communication is the key that unlocks the door to effectively influencing others. Whether you are leading a team of people in your company, running a business, negotiating a contract, or seeking buy-in from others, if you know how to communicate, you will be much more successful than those who do not. I can help you master the art of communication so you can connect and engage with others at every level.


Coaching Skills for Executives, Managers, Team Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Coaching is the art of influence that underpins leadership in the 21st century. If you cannot coach, you cannot lead. As you are working with people on your team, you will find that every one of them is different. As their leader, your ability to coach will help bring each person’s individual skills, personalities and styles together so that you are all working as one unit. Learning to coach individuals to success is essential for every leader. The more successful the individual, the more successful the team and the organization.

Sales Skills for Executives, Managers, Team Leaders & Entrepreneurs

From understanding your value proposition and the power of branding to knowing specifically who to target for your services, this material is useful for those who are brand-new to the art and science of selling, as well as to those who are experienced in selling. The following sales skills training will equip you with the strategies and techniques to become comfortable with the sales process, conduct sales conversations with confidence, win business proposals, and increase revenue.


Leadership Skills for Corporate Teams, Small Groups, Career Professionals & Individuals

Whether you are responsible for developing your company, others, or yourself, the more effective you are as a leader, the further you will go. Our leadership develop training is based on John Maxwell’s proven leadership practices and lessons – the same skills, principles and values that John has used to train and develop leaders of nations as well as Fortune 500 corporate entities for nearly fifty years. I am happy to provide you and/or your team with the following leadership development programs.

How Well Do You Lead and Influence Others?

The Maxwell Leadership Assessment is an online based tool that offers a 360-degree in-depth view of an individual’s influence, based on Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership methodology. Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less. To grow in leadership, one must grow in influence. This tool is designed to assess the individual leader according to 64 important factors along with a self-assessment and anonymous feedback from supervisors, colleagues, direct reports, and others. Through this comprehensive 360-degree assessment, leaders accurately identify both their areas of strength and their opportunities for growth. This self-knowledge and team knowledge results in better teamwork, increased confidence, and more targeted leadership development.

How Can We Help?

We're happy to catch up with you directly to discuss ways we can help improve communication in your team and build a world class leadership culture throughout your organization!

How Can The Maxwell Method Help Your Team Perform Better?

Pricing for exclusively licensed Maxwell Method courses are set by The John Maxwell Team and are non-negotiable. Contact us for information.

As Executive Directors with the John Maxwell Team, the certification program founded and led by John Maxwell, Wes and Cindy have been trained and certified by John and the Faculty of the John Maxwell Team to lead you through The Maxwell Method – John’s leadership experience and philosophies as applied to:

  • Speaking and Communicating
  • Coaching
  • Selling
  • Leadership, Personal, and Professional Development