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The Strength of Your Organization: Finding, Building, & Retaining the Best Leaders

Hosted by Dove Development & Consulting, approved continuing education provider for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), and the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB/NCERS), with nearly 50 years of experience in helping leaders build great teams.









What's the Strength of YOUR Organization?

John Maxwell says "Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership!" Regardless of the industry we're in, the strength of our organization rests on having the best people we can possibly have on our team. And the secret the building a team of great people lies in Finding, Building, and Retaining the Best Leaders!

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Learn How To

Find the best leaders in your industry and attract them to your team!

Learn How To

Create a culture where your best people are developing into your best leaders!

Learn How To

Build an environment that your best leaders never want to leave!

Do You Need Continuing Education Credit?

Dove Development & Consulting is an Approved Provider for Continuing Education Credits through the Human Resource Certification Institute, the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

The Strength of Your Organization: Finding, Building, & Retaining the Best Leaders has been approved for continuing education credit by HRCI and SHRM, and our entire Recruitment, Retention, & Culture digital course has also been approved by NAB/NCERS!


Strong Organizations have Strong Leaders!

John Maxwell says “Some sources estimate that as many as 65% of people leaving companies do so because of their managers… The ‘company’ doesn’t do anything negative to them, people do.”

Finding, Building, & Retaining the Best Leaders doesn't just happen on its own. Developing this strength in your organization takes an intentional effort but there are things you can do to build this into your culture so that it soon becomes part of your reputation! Join us for this complimentary session and learn how...

Nearly 50 Years of Proven Experience!

By providing practical tools for immediate implementation, Wes & Cindy Dove help teams overcome some of the biggest roadblocks preventing their clients from achieving peak performance and profitability in their workplace.


Find, Build, & Retain the Best Leaders!

The strength of any organization ties back to the quality of leaders responsible for the organization's culture. This one hour session covers specific tools you can apply immediately as you work to identify the right people to bring on board, develop leadership skills within your existing team, and create an atmosphere that the best leaders rarely leave!


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