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If you have ever felt like someone else just didn’t “get it” when you communicated what was a very clear message to you, perhaps it was simply that you were speaking in a language that they don’t naturally understand. Different personality types receive and process information differently. 

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What's Killing Your Profitability? - Digital Course - beta version

Organizations of all sizes invest significant amounts of time, money, and energy on improving their processes with hopes of becoming more profitable. Sometimes this is based on a goal of becoming best-in-class but sometimes it is just to stay competitive with customers or in attracting talent. All too often though, the things that can have the most immediate impact on profitability (as well as the lives of everyone involved) are overlooked or completely written off because those things are considered to be intangible… What are those things? Those are the skills needed to build an organizational culture that produces world class results and make the best people in your respective industry beg to be part of your team! Those skills tie back to a word that’s frequently misused; leadership…

What People Are Saying:

I grew up listening to my dad say, "If you're going to do something, do it 100% or don't do it at all". You opened this book "What's Killing Your Profitability" because you also seek maximum returns on your efforts. In this book, Leadership Strategist Wes Dove will challenge your thoughts and guide your focus towards new and meaningful measurements geared towards long-term success. Do yourself a favor and read on for some very down-to-earth and deliberate advice on just how to get the upward profitability results you seek!

Alex Sellner

In "What's Killing Your Profitability," Wes Dove offers a practical approach to enhancing business performance. This book, enriched with real-world examples and actionable steps, is an invaluable resource for anyone aiming to build teams that drive significant results. Over the past few years, applying Wes's principles has tangibly improved my business operations and profitability. I strongly encourage everyone not only to read this insightful book but also to implement its strategies. By doing so, you'll witness real-time improvements in your business's efficiency and bottom line.

Gil Colman

Profitability is a rarely heard term in government service, but careful financial stewardship applies to the government just as much as business owners and shareholders. The citizens of this great nation provide their hard-earned tax dollars for the benefit of their communities, with the intention that government is managing those funds in the most cost-effective manner. “What’s Killing Your Profitability” provides critical lessons for government as well as industry! Government executives and agency heads must recognize that profitability killers have the same effect on taxpayer funds! Wes illustrates how poor leadership kills profitability which, in public service, means killing efficient government administration. From high turnover to disengaged employees to an unaccountable workforce, the lessons ring true in the halls of government. This is a must-read for every public servant!

Ben Coffman

Wes and Cindy Dove are as passionate about generating results for their clients as the clients themselves! Having partnered together over the last two years on areas such as eliminating profitability killers, establishing the appropriate culture and tone at the top, as well as the impact of leadership on results undoubtedly has contributed greatly to our success. When we signed on with Dove Development & Consulting, what we received was a tailored, comprehensive approach to improving our business model through developing more effective communication and accountability with heightened intentionality towards growing leaders. Having served in Executive positions for large corporations as well as small business for decades, I have yet to experience more impactful, results driven leadership coaching than from Dove Development & Consulting.

Craig Johnson

The beauty of "What's Killing Your Profitability" is Wes's ability to break down corporate barriers and push through to the root cause of leadership mistakes that affect profitability. He knows how to drive home the point of what leadership needs to look and act like, not just sound like. This book is a must-read for all leaders - aspiring or current - who can use this opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills and learn how to positively affect that dreaded bottom line.

Mary Pavlovskaya

"It is all about results! The “bottom-line” denomination is the literal last line on the income statement that tells whether your company is making a profit, or you need Wes Dove’s advice. I have known and been privileged to partake from that incisive fountain of knowledge about organizational behavior in the past six years. Sample nuggets imbued in Wes’ approach to results that endure include breaking down the cost of leadership, identifying profitability killers, continuity of operations planning, measured and timely training and development, and real-world examples of clear and effective communication of the roadmap to the company’s success throughout the business lifecycle. The latter especially is key to generating not only a sense of ownership in your employees, but a feeling of belonging to an organization whose leadership is not just respected but admired and appreciated. Dove’s strategic leadership coaching is by far one of the best I have come across and I highly recommend it!"

Alex Haro